Habits for Ready Golf

Honors on the Tee box are great; who’s ready first, is better, (Watch your partner’s drives) 
If there is a chance you ball is lost or is O.B. hit a provisional
If a player has a lost ball they should look, everybody else hit, and then look
Think about your next shot before you get to it. 
Drive to the first ball and let your partner out so they can hit, drive to your ball and hit. Go back and get them if necessary.
Take your shots on who is ready not who is away
Don’t wait in the cart to hit, be ready when it’s your turn
When chipping around the green bring all the clubs you might need.
Park your cart past the pin placement on the green
Begin reading the green and lining up putts as soon as you reach the green
After a lag putt, if it’s close finish it out
When you finish a hole put your clubs away and mark the score card on the next tee box