When we have a regular event, for some reason or other we have one or two couples who have signed up to play but are NO SHOWS.  They are on the tee sheet prepared the morning of play and have not called the pro shop to cancel.

By not canceling they have created an open tee time which could have been filled by a couple on the waitlist.  This is why it is important to call the pro shop and cancel prior to the event.  The Club Board has voted on this issue.  By a unanimous vote the following is now our procedure in handling No Shows.

  1. Standing Policy on No-shows 
  1. Couples who are on the play list and who wish to cancel but do not cancel with the Tournament Chair or Pro Shop, 24 hours prior to an event check-in time, will not be eligible to play in the next event.
  2. Couples who do not cancel or show up for an event before the closing of the Check-in Desk, will not be eligible to play in the next two (2) events. (Board Meeting 1/2/14)

It is not our intention to penalize anyone but rather give the maximum number of club members a chance to play.  Thank you for your understanding.